Real Sailor Gay Jocks Making Out: Raw Video

You have a “man in uniform” fetish, huh? Well, this movie is for you: It’s the story of two real sailor boys who got bored exploring the high seas so they decided to explore each other’s pretty smooth bodies. How do we know they are real sailor boys and not silly “male models” pretending they are sailors, you ask? Duh! We know it because these boys explore each other’s manholes without removing their sailor hats. That is how real sailors do it, you know? Hehe. Anyhoo, check out these boy’s hot and awesome raw video.

From SDBoys: You know what all those months at sea alone with men do to you right? That’s right- you start craving cock! That’s Joshua and Brent’s excuse anyway. This pair of gay navy shipmates are versatile and like sucking off each other’s cock and then inserting their bare cocks up their manholes. In fact, as you can tell by these pics, Brent likes Josh’s cock massaging his anal passage so much that all the hot, raw, anal stimulation causes him to blow his load. Luscious cum spurts from his cock head and splats as it lands. Just think of the boat load of boys that this pair could get through with all the lust for gay sex that they exhibit! has loads of military dudes doing gay sex -check it out

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