Gay Nerd With Big Cock: Joe Plumber, You Love Jack

Meet Joe Plummer, the real Joe the Plumber not the fake one (you know, the one also known as Sarah Palin’s BFF). Anyways, who knew Joe Plummer would look like a nerd. He’s cute though. And, make no mistake about it, he’s a nerd with a big dick. Which he loves to jack off in front of the video camera:

From You Love Jack: As the video starts, Joe’s peeling his t-shirt off to reveal his fit and smooth chest. He isn’t a slave to the gym so his body is natural – fit with a little bit of meat on it… Just the way we like it! He sits back as he stuffs his hand inside his jeans and strokes his bare chest for a second before undoing his belt and reaching inside his pants for a handful of cock. After a couple of quick tugs in the dark he peels his pants off and throws them aside. He’s wearing loose fitting boxers and as he settles back on the couch you can see right up the leg. His balls are in plain view as he reaches in the fly to coax his cock to full attention.

Watch Joe’s jerk off video here.

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