Gay Turkish Muscle Hunks

You think we’re done for now blogging about Turkish gay porn stars? Of course we are not but after showing you some hot Turkish twinks with big dicks this time we’re going to ogle at some hot muscle guys from Istanbul. Of course, they’ve got pretty huge dicks too because that’s the most important thing to us at Gay Porn International. Yeah, we are that shallow! Haha.

Anyhoo, who of these Turkish muscle hunks is your favorite? Who of them would you suck, who would you kiss, who would you fuck, and who of them would you say, “Dude, I’m offering my tight guypussy for you to explore”?

This smooth muscle guy is the one we’d like to fuck. We know he’d enjoy it too. [Want to see Mr. Smooth Turk cum?]

The next Turkish hunk below has a long dong that is oh-so-waiting to be licked and sucked.

The hairy Turkish hunk below has a cock size which may not be as large as the others but we are impressed by its apparent hardness. Our greatest fucks have always been those who hard dicks so we are going to say, “Dude, I’m offering my tight guypussy for you to explore” to this guy. You can see more of Mr. Hard Cock at Istanboys.

The mansnake below is made to be sucked, and sucked, and sucked so we’d like to suck its owner till he dries. Oh wait, he’s also made to be kissed so we’d like to explore his lips too. We can dream, can’t we? [Want to see a jerkoff video of Mr. Suckable Dick?]

And here’s another kissable and suckable muscle God. That cock ring is nice, huh?

We saved the best for last with Mr. Soapy and Wet below. We gotta admit that we’d like to do everything – kiss, top, bottom, and suck – and we’re gotta bet ten dollars that you’d like to do everything with him too.

Go watch Mr. Soapy and Wet as he plays with his one-eyed snake at Istanboys.