Gay Soldiers Making Out in the Shower: Shawn and Kasey in Double Time


Wanna see hot gay men in the military making out? Check out clean-cut boys Shawn and Kasey in Active Duty’s Double Time.

Shawn moves up and sits on the shelf between the shower and tub and lets Kasey go on a feeding frenzy. And man does he ever. He’s on that cock like white on rice and loving every inch of it as deep in his mouth as he can get it. These two are a perfect match as they seem to consummate their deep, primal desires for one another.


Shawn’s huge cock and balls just love all the action as they stand at full attention for Kasey’s hungry mouth. Kasey done got ahold of something he likes and Shawn is giving him plenty of time to enjoy it as he enjoys it too. He’s fucking Kasey’s face hard and fast as Kasey strokes his own cock. Shawn is really into this hot blowjob as he throws his head back in damn near ecstasy. Kasey then throws Shawn’s legs back and goes to town munching on his hot little hole as Shawn keeps stroking his cock.


After Kasey has tongued his nice, sweet hole, Shawn wants to get it fucked and Kasey is up to do the honors. Kasey moves in and slides his cock deep in Shawn’s hot little hole and long strokes him good as he’s bent over the tub. Shawn is stroking his cock from beneath as Kasey pounds him from above. Kasey fucks Shawn in several positions even with Shawn riding Kasey?s cock. He pounds him hard and for a very long time.


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