Danny Hunter: Gay Cum Drinker

Have you ever tasted and swallowed your own cum? Did you like the experience? Well, if you are a prolific cum-producer like sexy gay hunk Danny Hunter, you might as well follow his example and drink your own cum. We’re told that it is as nutritious as milk so why waste it, right? Check out Danny as he jerks off and drinks his own jizz.

From You Love Jack:

The first three shots of cum land square in the glass, and the fourth coats his perfect abs. The remainder of his orgasm oozes directly in the glass and he takes a second to compose himself before holding the shot glass up to the camera to show off his captured load.

Without even blinking he brings the shot glass to his lips and chugs the entire load. He swirls it around in his mouth and shows it off on his tongue before swallowing that mess down with a loud gulp. He’s still hungry for more so he licks out the inside of the glass getting every last drop before scooping up the cum that landed on his belly and gobbling it down.

Danny, the cum drinker’s video here.