Copulatory vocalization is healthy, bedroom noises do more than just make sex better

sex and pleasure
Screams that wake up the neighbors, or maybe soft moans? It doesn’t matter when freedom of expression is involved. The louder and more willingly we express pleasure, the better, not only for the pleasure of sex, but also for the relationship.

Making noises of pleasure in the bedroom is nothing new. Giving in to emotions and the natural pleasure we get from sex, we want to express them through quiet or loud moaning. It turns out, however, that the sounds made by lovers in the bedroom can make the sensations during intercourse more intense, increase desire significantly, and make sex more interesting. Why is it like that?

Suppressing a scream doesn’t help. If we want to scream our partner’s name, just moan, or even make small noises, we should not suppress them. Copulatory vocalization is a form of dialogue between partners. Loud sex is also a guarantee for the partner that the person with whom he has it experiences pleasure and satisfaction from intercourse. Its absence or sudden disappearance may mean that the partner needs to change and adapt, searching for new solutions. We talked about it with Joanna Keszka from

Can loud sex really make it better?

“We’re all too inhibited in bed.” Instead of thinking about what gives us pleasure and what not, we wonder what is right for us, and making voices during sex is very important because it oxygenates us. When this happens, the blood circulates better and our private parts are more supplied with blood. On the other hand, when the vagina and clitoris are better supplied with blood, we have more pleasure from all the fun. In addition, when we make voices during sex, we give a signal to our partner that we feel good, that we like what we do together in bed, and this in turn positively stimulates the other party – says Joanna Keszka.

A partner who sees that we feel good with what he does in bed will repeat it during the next close-ups, avoid what did not make the other party moan with pleasure.

“A lot of people in the bedroom tense up, and screaming, making noises, moaning, all of that makes the body relax too. Sext is contact with the body, and if we want to feel good in it, it should be relaxed. If we are tense, we will lie down, we will not make any noises, then we take away a lot of pleasure from the very beginning, which we would experience naturally if we simply allowed ourselves more slack, more freedom, more of these sounds – admits the author

Don’t worry about the neighbors

– I always strongly encourage you to make sounds, not to worry so much about your neighbors. There is a beautiful saying that the sex was so good that even the neighbors had to smoke a cigarette. Let’s not worry so much. If someone feels embarrassed, it is enough to start with “oh, how good I am” and you can start with simple things. As I repeat on – once a body is set in motion, it keeps on going. Once we start to be louder, bolder, freer in the bedroom, nothing will stop us – admits Keszka.

Sex should be like an adult playground

“We’re ashamed to be loud. We are ashamed to play in bed. We are very stiff . We are disturbed by this belief that we have to act like adults in bed. Unfortunately, they are also boring, because we say that so many things do not belong to us. I encourage you to look at sex as an adult playground . The bedroom should be the place where we goof off, where we relax, we’re out of clothes in really weird positions.

Sex is not an elegant and very serious experience. Sex should be wild, it should be childish, but unfortunately many people have a problem with it, because we are brought up to believe that sex is not that important. We don’t attach importance to it.

We usually talk about sex when we start to miss it, when erection problems appear, when libido decreases, when romance appears. In everyday life, it recedes into the background. According to the latest General Social Survey (GSS) report prepared by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago, 29 percent. Americans and 18 percent American women have not had sex in the last year. In the UK, according to NATSAL data, the decline in sexual activity is also noticeable. We do less.

“ People start getting into sex usually when there are problems . Then it turns out that it was important after all. I encourage you to be interested in the sexual sphere from the very beginning and to remember that sex is the glue that binds people together. Just as we take care of our family and social life, as we take care of our apartment, our career, let’s take care of our sex life, especially since it is about the person we care about.

You don’t have to be a performance-minded superlover and an elegant lady

– Two people who feel good about each other, go through life together, have sex with each other, they think that because they are cool and like each other, this sex will somehow work out, but sex is the same sphere of life like any other. If we do not take care of her, the needs of a partner, a partner, he will fall asleep. Sooner or later, we will start to associate it with duty, we will start looking for something else.

The most sexual discoveries can be made with someone we trust. If we have such a person, let’s try to have fun with her in bed, instead of pretending to be someone we are not, some performance-oriented super-lover and elegant lady who enjoys in bed, but it’s such a quiet pleasure, not too wild – admitted Joanna cache.

Sex like a menu in a station bar

– I don’t like evaluation, because, for example, when it’s my parents’ wedding anniversary, the house is packed with guests and everyone is sleeping in the corners and somewhere in this crowd, we suddenly want a “quick number” and then we just have to be very quiet, but such a situation can be very exciting. Quiet sex is not necessarily bad sex, but most of all, we want sex to be associated with relaxation, freedom and diversity . If it’s quiet once in a while, that’s ok, maybe we’re in that mood. If it is always quiet in our bedroom, and our erotic menu is as predictable as the menu in the station bar, it is worth considering in which direction we are heading and whether we are not depriving ourselves of joy. Sex is to make us feel better, not worse.