Indian Gay Porn Stars

Hot men from India star in gay porn and fuck each other. Known for their sexy body hair & dreamy masculinity, Indian guys are one of our favs. Sadly, not a lot of them are in x-rated movies.

Indian Hottie: Gautam Rode

Here’s an Indian actor I am including in the list of guys I’d like to fuck. Shit. His name is Gautam Rode, in case you are wondering. I would so like to ride him. He is as hot as Shahrukh Khan. I hope someone will make a naked fake photo of him.

Indian (South Asian) Gay Porn Video

It is hard, but not impossible, to find gay porn starring men from India or the wider South Asian region so I was thrilled to find this video of two Indian (but they may also be Pakistani or Sri Lankan) men sucking each others cocks and getting into some anal action. Enjoy!

Cock of the Day: South Asian

Do you think this naked dude is South Asian? He certainly looks like one. This must be what Shahruhk Khan’s cock is like if he’s stripped of the underwear he’s wearing here, no?