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What turns males wild is erotic massage, the attractive curves and breasts play an important role in men’s subconscious. These are elements that every guy looks when opting for a specific hot body girl. Women from cheap London escorts agencies have all the aspects that you want. Agencies such as Overnight Express do comprehensive interviews that not just include selecting the ideal ladies that fits well with the escort company however interviews that involve evaluating the intelligence of these girls ant the erotic massage they provide. These guarantees that every lady you see there at online galleries are intelligent and they have that hot body comprising of sexy breasts that you’ve been imagining.

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10 sexual myths about women. This is totally not true!

10 sexual myths about women. This is totally not true
Women want to have sex rarely and only in the missionary position, looking deep into the lover’s eyes … right? NO. It’s time to crack down on bedroom stereotypes about women. Which ones are real and which ones have to be put into fairy tales? What do we really want in bed?

Women are less sexually attracted than men

Totally untrue. Guys may be more impulsive, get aroused more easily, and climax faster, but that doesn’t mean women want less. Often women feel aroused even without the physical symptoms of the condition, nor do they need to orgasm to feel fulfilled. The fact that we do not see it the same way as in men does not mean that our imagination is poor in this respect! Starting tip for guys: Women think more about sex than you think.

Sex is not important to women

There is a biased opinion that women do not like sex and value family life, emotions and conversations more. Some women like sex as much as men, some even more. It is enough to watch a few episodes of “Sex and the City” to see that girls really think about sex a lot and often and … they like it very much. On the other hand, let’s remember that similarly many men do not put sex as a priority in their lives.

Women masturbate rarely or not at all

It’s hard to say how many women really do it, because even these days it’s taboo. However, recent studies show that 60% of women masturbate regularly. We learn more and more about female pleasure, and the market of erotic gadgets has become a place to explore women’s desires. There’s a lot of solo fun in this!

Women talk about sex with each other less often than men

Not exactly. Studies show that women talk a lot about sex with each other and tend to reveal more racy details about their bedroom than men. Men talk about sex more generally, operate in schemes – “it was good” or “bad” without going into details.

All women like oral sex

On the contrary! American research shows that oral sex is practiced by 75% of Americans. women, but 45 percent does not feel comfortable or enjoy this type of caress. So if your girlfriend doesn’t like it, she has a reason – but it’s not that kind of caress, or you’re just doing it really badly. Ask her if she really enjoys receiving this sex and how you can improve it. Girls – you, in turn, more often communicate what does not suit you!

If a woman doesn’t naturally get wet, she’s not aroused

Not true. There are other causes of dryness. It’s not the same as having an erection for men. Stress, hormonal changes, lack of sexual activity, even the side effects of contraception must be taken into account. It is worth investing in a lubricant or … a more sensitive partner. Remember that the lack of humidity does

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Copulatory vocalization is healthy, bedroom noises do more than just make sex better

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Screams that wake up the neighbors, or maybe soft moans? It doesn’t matter when freedom of expression is involved. The louder and more willingly we express pleasure, the better, not only for the pleasure of sex, but also for the relationship.

Making noises of pleasure in the bedroom is nothing new. Giving in to emotions and the natural pleasure we get from sex, we want to express them through quiet or loud moaning. It turns out, however, that the sounds made by lovers in the bedroom can make the sensations during intercourse more intense, increase desire significantly, and make sex more interesting. Why is it like that?

Suppressing a scream doesn’t help. If we want to scream our partner’s name, just moan, or even make small noises, we should not suppress them. Copulatory vocalization is a form of dialogue between partners. Loud sex is also a guarantee for the partner that the person with whom he has it experiences pleasure and satisfaction from intercourse. Its absence or sudden disappearance may mean that the partner needs to change and adapt, searching for new solutions. We talked about it with Joanna Keszka from

Can loud sex really make it better?

“We’re all too inhibited in bed.” Instead of thinking about what gives us pleasure and what not, we wonder what is right for us, and making voices during sex is very important because it oxygenates us. When this happens, the blood circulates better and our private parts are more supplied with blood. On the other hand, when the vagina and clitoris are better supplied with blood, we have more pleasure from all the fun. In addition, when we make voices during sex, we give a signal to our partner that we feel good, that we like what we do together in bed, and this in turn positively stimulates the other party – says Joanna Keszka.

A partner who sees that we feel good with what he does in bed will repeat it during the next close-ups, avoid what did not make the other party moan with pleasure.

“A lot of people in the bedroom tense up, and screaming, making noises, moaning, all of that makes the body relax too. Sext is contact with the body, and if we want to feel good in it, it should be relaxed. If we are tense, we will lie down, we will not make any noises, then we take away a lot of pleasure from the very beginning, which we would experience naturally if we simply allowed ourselves more slack, more freedom, more of these sounds – admits the author

Don’t worry about the neighbors

– I always strongly encourage you to make sounds, not to worry so much about your neighbors. There is a beautiful saying that the sex was so good that even the neighbors had to smoke a cigarette. Let’s not worry so much. If someone feels embarrassed, it is enough to start with “oh, how good I am” and

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Seven Awkward Sex Moments We’re Afraid to Talk About That Just Happen

Seven Awkward Sex Moments We're Afraid to Talk About That Just Happen
Nothing is perfect, especially sex, which actually has little to do with what we see in the movies. What are the seven awkward moments in the bedroom that happen all the time that we’re still afraid to talk about? These just happen and need not be a cause for shame! What are we talking about?

1. Unexpected contraction

Of course, it happens when you least expect it. You don’t know what to do, so you writhe in pain, sometimes making strange noises. The desire for sex passes, and the spell of elation breaks in proportion to the strength of the contraction. You both remain powerless as your partner stares, waiting for it to pass.

2. Difficulty putting on a condom

Opening the package, proper application, long nails plus that awkward moment. You know you have to do it, but nothing is going your way. Time and desire can disappear.

3. You realize that orgasm is unattainable

Your intercourse lasts, it’s nice, but you already know that this way you will not reach climax. You don’t know whether to guide him or give up and wait for him to finish it or pretend.

4. Sudden decline of strength

He was very involved, but you can see that he has no strength left and would like to lie on his back and give himself to you. Despite everything, he tries to pretend that he is full of vigor, although there is already a drop of sweat on his forehead.

5. Air getting in

You’re in all sorts of weird positions, so you’re gasping for air and making these perfectly normal but awkward noises that you don’t know how to handle.

6. You don’t know if it’s over

You don’t feel like it’s over, but he seems to stop moving, makes a few noises, and freezes. Ask or continue?

7. Pushing the head towards the crotch

You know exactly what he wants and you don’t require such blunt directions. He doesn’t say it explicitly, and you may not feel like it, and you jostle with him, focusing your attention on the fight rather than the intercourse.

Seven bedroom mistakes we make in our 30s

Sex changes with age. Our response to these changes and taking a new direction in our sexual relationship, however, can be crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship. What are the seven basic mistakes we make most often around the age of 30?

Seven bedroom mistakes we make in our 30sLazy sex

Routine sex doesn’t mean disaster as long as you don’t skip steps and do it with your heart. Lazy sex means no getting to know each other, no creativity, no motivation, no foreplay of any kind and means almost schematic, ritualistic intercourse. It is worth taking care of exploring new spheres of pleasure of your partner. No one will feel uncomfortable with small experiments. You know each other well, don’t you?

Panic from lack of desire

Passion and lust come and go depending on the day and the hour. When he’s gone, don’t panic

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Shooting a Hardcore Video With party escorts

party escorts in London

When was the last time when you felt great, energetic and a revitalized guy? Potentially, you don’t even remember. Definitely, you’ve been one of those guys enjoying some porn hardcore videos and questioning if you’ll ever experience the exact same in real life. With party escorts, you will have the ability to get all your wildest desires satisfied just at a little price. If you would like your own house made hardcore video with among these girls, nothing is hard; you just need to make your reservation either by vising party escorts companies physically or by completing the process online. While you are on the search for the most beautiful model who will glamorize your time in this stunning city, do not forget to browse through numerous websites such as XLondonEscorts to get a woman who will fit completely into your manly requirements. While on these websites don’t forget to ask for some hardcore videos from numerous women prior to hooking up with the one that intrigues you the most.

Slim Brunette Stunning EgsAs soon as you’ve effectively made your booking, keep in mind to equip yourself with your camera or simply phone that can shooting high quality hardcore videos. Hey! This does not make you look a perverted guy. It is typical and that is what the majority of people are currently doing. It is not just fun but likewise the experience makes you to relieve the tension that has actually built up in your mind for a long time. Also, when you are having fantastic enjoyable with her and enjoying your time in your favorite joints, you can utilize web cam to publish your videos and pictures. You do not have to stress of the privacy of your details due to the fact that party escorts are well trained and they will do everything at your discretion.

If you are shy, party escorts understand how to deal with men of different types and for this reason you do not have to worry. Usually, these videos are a beneficial addition to enjoyable. By reaching an agreement with one of these ladies, you can publish your hardcore videos with them without restriction. This will make you make you enjoy your time totally. Videos are generally embedded into our lives in some sensual way. Every guy would like exclusive privacy when shooting a hardcore video with among the party escorts. These party escorts and brunettes will offer the personal privacy that you look for.

Therefore, if you have actually ever dreamed of having a thrilling minute with top London model, then party escorts supplies you a much easier method without having to trouble much. They understand our concealed desires and for sure, they won’t mind shooting a hardcore and sexiest video with you. No matter the kind of angel you desire, you’ll ultimately be hooked up with the lady you’ve been dreaming all that time. Cheap party escorts appeals can take the enjoyable you desire a notch higher by permitting you to have … full article