Seven Awkward Sex Moments We’re Afraid to Talk About That Just Happen

Seven Awkward Sex Moments We're Afraid to Talk About That Just Happen
Nothing is perfect, especially sex, which actually has little to do with what we see in the movies. What are the seven awkward moments in the bedroom that happen all the time that we’re still afraid to talk about? These just happen and need not be a cause for shame! What are we talking about?

1. Unexpected contraction

Of course, it happens when you least expect it. You don’t know what to do, so you writhe in pain, sometimes making strange noises. The desire for sex passes, and the spell of elation breaks in proportion to the strength of the contraction. You both remain powerless as your partner stares, waiting for it to pass.

2. Difficulty putting on a condom

Opening the package, proper application, long nails plus that awkward moment. You know you have to do it, but nothing is going your way. Time and desire can disappear.

3. You realize that orgasm is unattainable

Your intercourse lasts, it’s nice, but you already know that this way you will not reach climax. You don’t know whether to guide him or give up and wait for him to finish it or pretend.

4. Sudden decline of strength

He was very involved, but you can see that he has no strength left and would like to lie on his back and give himself to you. Despite everything, he tries to pretend that he is full of vigor, although there is already a drop of sweat on his forehead.

5. Air getting in

You’re in all sorts of weird positions, so you’re gasping for air and making these perfectly normal but awkward noises that you don’t know how to handle.

6. You don’t know if it’s over

You don’t feel like it’s over, but he seems to stop moving, makes a few noises, and freezes. Ask or continue?

7. Pushing the head towards the crotch

You know exactly what he wants and you don’t require such blunt directions. He doesn’t say it explicitly, and you may not feel like it, and you jostle with him, focusing your attention on the fight rather than the intercourse.

Seven bedroom mistakes we make in our 30s

Sex changes with age. Our response to these changes and taking a new direction in our sexual relationship, however, can be crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship. What are the seven basic mistakes we make most often around the age of 30?

Seven bedroom mistakes we make in our 30sLazy sex

Routine sex doesn’t mean disaster as long as you don’t skip steps and do it with your heart. Lazy sex means no getting to know each other, no creativity, no motivation, no foreplay of any kind and means almost schematic, ritualistic intercourse. It is worth taking care of exploring new spheres of pleasure of your partner. No one will feel uncomfortable with small experiments. You know each other well, don’t you?

Panic from lack of desire

Passion and lust come and go depending on the day and the hour. When he’s gone, don’t panic

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