10 sexual myths about women. This is totally not true!

10 sexual myths about women. This is totally not true
Women want to have sex rarely and only in the missionary position, looking deep into the lover’s eyes … right? NO. It’s time to crack down on bedroom stereotypes about women. Which ones are real and which ones have to be put into fairy tales? What do we really want in bed?

Women are less sexually attracted than men

Totally untrue. Guys may be more impulsive, get aroused more easily, and climax faster, but that doesn’t mean women want less. Often women feel aroused even without the physical symptoms of the condition, nor do they need to orgasm to feel fulfilled. The fact that we do not see it the same way as in men does not mean that our imagination is poor in this respect! Starting tip for guys: Women think more about sex than you think.

Sex is not important to women

There is a biased opinion that women do not like sex and value family life, emotions and conversations more. Some women like sex as much as men, some even more. It is enough to watch a few episodes of “Sex and the City” to see that girls really think about sex a lot and often and … they like it very much. On the other hand, let’s remember that similarly many men do not put sex as a priority in their lives.

Women masturbate rarely or not at all

It’s hard to say how many women really do it, because even these days it’s taboo. However, recent studies show that 60% of women masturbate regularly. We learn more and more about female pleasure, and the market of erotic gadgets has become a place to explore women’s desires. There’s a lot of solo fun in this!

Women talk about sex with each other less often than men

Not exactly. Studies show that women talk a lot about sex with each other and tend to reveal more racy details about their bedroom than men. Men talk about sex more generally, operate in schemes – “it was good” or “bad” without going into details.

All women like oral sex

On the contrary! American research shows that oral sex is practiced by 75% of Americans. women, but 45 percent does not feel comfortable or enjoy this type of caress. So if your girlfriend doesn’t like it, she has a reason – but it’s not that kind of caress, or you’re just doing it really badly. Ask her if she really enjoys receiving this sex and how you can improve it. Girls – you, in turn, more often communicate what does not suit you!

If a woman doesn’t naturally get wet, she’s not aroused

Not true. There are other causes of dryness. It’s not the same as having an erection for men. Stress, hormonal changes, lack of sexual activity, even the side effects of contraception must be taken into account. It is worth investing in a lubricant or … a more sensitive partner. Remember that the lack of humidity does not mean that a woman is not aroused.

Women are romantic and they want vanilla sex

We don’t deny it, we like getting flowers, gifts and notes, but that’s not all. We also like challenges. And even if we love to be in control of everything in everyday life, sometimes we want to give it back in the bedroom. Knighthood has many faces. As long as you make a girl feel sexy, you’re a knight. Set the rules of the game and experiment!

Women take a long time to achieve pleasure

It’s not always that way, and while many women enjoy long foreplay because it helps them get in a good mood and hydrate themselves, many of us value quick intercourse. The only way to find out what your partner likes is to simply ask.

Women have to be in love to have sex

Women are capable of separating the heart from the body, and they don’t necessarily feel guilty about having sex with someone they don’t love. As long as they’re attracted to someone, emotionally or physically, women have no problem going to bed with a guy they don’t feel anything for. This doesn’t apply to all of us, but don’t rule it out.

A woman’s pleasure in sex depends on the size of her penis

It’s not true. The depth of the vagina is limited and the G-spot is not at the end of the vagina – it is located about 4 cm from the entrance. You just need to know how to get there. The right position and good communication between partners will allow you to climax with partners with a smaller penis size.